Aleksi Ojala

Born 1973

Married, two children (2010)





Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki
Doctor of Music (Music Education)

Dissertation title: Learning Through Producing: The pedagogical and technological redesign of a compulsory music course for Finnish general upper secondary schools


University of Oulu
Master of Education (Music Education)




University of Helsinki: Music lecturer 



University of the Arts Helsinki: Postdoctoral researcher 

Tapiolan upper secondary school: Music teacher

Tabletkoulu: Author

Rockway: Music teacher and project manager

University of Helsinki: Music lecturer

Universal Music Finland: Artist

Kuitinmäki School: Music teacher

Selected short period employment

2016 University of the Arts, Helsinki, Arts@school research initiative: Research assistant

2014 University of the Arts, Helsinki, University of Helsinki & European union: Songwriting workshop for music teachers and adolescents

2013 Fisme: Collaborative composing workshop

2013 Finnish National Board of Education: Online pedagogy workshop for teachers

2013 Espoo Adult education centre: Creative music making online course

2007 Plan: AIDS / HIV & Children's rights songwriting workshop for adolescents


2016-- Internation Society for Music Education: Convenor of the Popular Music Education SIG

2011-2015 Suomen Verkko-Opisto [Finnish Online Academy]: Member of the executive board


Peer-reviewed journal articles/book chapters

Komulainen, K., Sintonen, S., Kairavuori, S. & Ojala, A. (Forthcoming). The interdisciplinary approach of the Finnish curriculum as an option and the potential for aesthetic space in education. Educare.

Ojala, A., Ruokonen, I., Ruismäki, H. & Sepp, A. (2019). Outlining New Guidelines for the Assessment of the Education Diploma in Music. The European Journal of Social & Behavioural Sciences 26(3).

Ruokonen, I. Sepp, A., Ojala, A., Hietanen, L, Tuisku, V. & Ruismäki, H. (2019). A Web-based Music Learning Environment. The European Journal of Social & Behavioural Sciences 26(3).

Ojala, A. (2017). Developing Learning Through Producing: Secondary School Students’ Experiences of a Technologically Aided Pedagogical Intervention. In: Smith, G.D., Moir, Z. Brennan, M. Rambarran, S., & Kirkman, P. (Eds.), The Routledge research companion to popular music education. New York: Routledge.


Ojala, A., & Väkevä, L. (2015). Keeping it real: Addressing authenticity in classroom (popular) music pedagogy. Nordic Research in Music Education Yearbook, 16.

Non-peer-reviewed journal articles/book chapters

Ojala, A.(2018). Lectio praecursoria. Finnish Journal of Music Education, 21(1).

Ojala, A. (2018). Kohti kulttuurista osallisuutta ja toimijuutta –tuottamispohjainen oppiminen koulujen musiikinopetuksessa. Musiikki 2/2018.

Ojala, A.(2017). Learning (music) through producing.In: Chova, L. G., Martínez, A. L. & Torres, I. C. (eds.), INTED2017 Proceedings: 11th International Technology, Education and Development Conference, March 6th-8th, 2017 -Valencia, Spain.Valencia, Spain:IATED Academy.

Ojala, A. (2010). Is authenticity in formal education possible? In Rikandi, I. (Ed.) Mapping the common ground: Philosophical perspectives on Finnish music education (pp. 68–83). Helsinki: BTJ.

Korpela, P., Kuoppamäki, A., Laes. T., Miettinen, L., Muhonen, S., Muukkonen, M., Nikkanen, H., Ojala, A., Partti, H., Pihkanen, T., & Rikandi, I. (2010). Music Education in Finland. In I. Rikandi (Ed.) Mapping the common ground: Philosophical perspectives on Finnish music education (pp. 14–31). Helsinki: BTJ.


Doctoral dissertation


Ojala, A. (2017). Learning Through Producing: The Pedagogical and Technological Redesign of a Compulsory Music Course for Finnish General Upper Secondary Schools. Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki. Studia Musica 74.




Ojala, A. (11 October 2019) Developing new guidelines for the assessment of music diplomas. Paper presented at the 10th International Conference on Education & Educational (ICEEPCY). Barcelona, Spain. 

Ojala, A. (19 July 2018) Learning through producing: a monological, a dialogical and a trialogical approaches to popular music pedagogy. Paper presented at the 33rd International Society for Music Education (ISME) Conference. Baku, Azerbaijan.

Ojala, A. (6 March 2017) Learning (music) through producing. Paper presented at the 11th International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED). Valencia, Spain.

Ojala, A. (29 July 2016) Widening the perspective of general music education: learning through producing. Paper presented at the 32nd International Society for Music Education

(ISME) Conference. Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Ojala, A. (9 March 2016) The role of mobile devices and e-learning materials in learning music through producing. Paper presented at the 20th Nordisk Nettverk for Musikkpedagogisk Forskning Conference: Technology and creativity in music education (NNMPF). Hamar, Norway.

Ojala, A. (16 April 2015) Learning Through Producing – music pedagogy for digital natives? Paper presented at the 9th International Research in music Education Conference (RIME). Exeter, United Kingdom.

Ojala, A. (17 October 2014) The possibilities of producing, blended learning and online videos in school music education – a case of Rockway. Keynote paper presented at the 7th Intercultural Arts Education Arts, Technology and Cultures Conference: From Invisible to Visible. Helsinki, Finland.

Ojala, A., & Väkevä, L. (23 July 2012) Producing-based Music Pedagogy: a Solution to the Problem of Authenticity in Music Education? Paper presented at the first Rock & Roles Conference. London, United Kingdom.

Myllykoski, M., & Ojala, A. (16 April 2013) Design and development of tablet-based compulsory music course. Paper presented at the first virtual Conference for the International Society for Music Education (ISME) Music Technology Special Interest Group.





Convener in the “Recent Nordic applications of music education technology in teacher training”

symposium at the International Society for Music Education 32nd (ISME) World Conference, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 25–29 July 2016.


Presenter in the “Recent Nordic applications of music education technology in teacher training”

symposium at the 9th International Conference for Research in Music Education (RIME), Exeter, United Kingdom, 14-18 April 2015.



Presenter in the “Living in Narratives, Weawing Webs of Interaction” symposium at the 4th International Conference on Narrative Inquiry in Music Education (NIME4)August 29 - September 1, 2012, Helsinki, Finland.


Aleksi Ojala: Koditon mies –Album (Universal Music Finland, 2007)

Aleksi Ojala: Sydämet & nuolet –Album (Universal Music Finland, 2003)



© 2017 by Aleksi Ojala

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